Smart printing

Emil Sejer

Do you ship a lot of the same goods everyday? Would you like to minimize manual work when printing and sorting them? Then we need Webshipper to create "smart printing".

- You choose the orders to be printed and how you want them sorted (In this case on SKU or an additional_attribute.
- We print a package list for the selected orders
- We print order slips in sorted order.

Let's say you have 500 orders, and 35% of them is the same items, instead of manually sorting them after printing, the system will do it for you and print it in the correct order. Webshipper will also print a packing paper, which will tell you how many of each product you need to collect from your warehouse.

I'ts smart, and it saves time if you have many orders with many of the same items being ordered.

We made our own test and if we would have such a system, we would save 9 minutes everyday on average.

Best regards
Emil Sejer


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Chill Bro

Any update on this?


Casper, Novictus

It would save us up to 3 hours every day


Jespers Planteskole

This is a great idea :)



Status changed to: Under review